Christians often think hard about what they believe together but less so about how they'll live together. Sound doctrine is vital for the health of every local church. But that doctrine should always produce a type of Christ-centered life that is not merely individual but corporate. So, what kind of life does ITC seek to live as we worship and walk with Christ?
For the past six years, we have reminded ourselves of several central, biblical callings through our membership covenant. This group of statements takes root in sound doctrine and describes the kind of life we strive for as God's people. It clarifies some of the most important corporate commands of the New Testament and calls us to prayerfully and dependently commit ourselves to God and one another. While most of you have read this with us (or, certainly, heard it read), you may not fully grasp why these statements shape our fellowship so profoundly. The We Will... series is designed to help you understand these New Testament responsibilities and live them out in earnestness and zeal together. After all, the church's health isn't dependent upon one Christian saying "I will," but on a whole body committed to the Lord, saying "we will" together.

Pulpit Schedule:
September 24th:
 "We Will... be a church" {Acts 2:42}
October 1st: 
"We Will... love one another" {1 Peter 1:22}
October 8th: 
"We Will... seek unity" {Ephesians 4:1-6}
October 15th: 
"We Will... forgive one another" {Ephesians 4:32}
October 22nd: 
"We Will...honor leaders" {Hebrews 13:17}
October 29th: 
"We Will... give cheerfully" {2 Corinthians 9:6-15}
November 5th:
"We Will... uphold truth" {1 Timothy 3:15}
November 12th:
"We Will... minister the gospel" {Colossians 3:16}
November 19th: 
"We Will... live as light" {John 13:34-35}
November 26th: 
"We Will... rely on God's power" {Hebrews 13:20-21}