A Brief History of Indian Trail Church

A Brief History of Indian Trail Church

What is now Indian Trail Church began in 1993, when a group from Northview Bible Church, under the guidance of Ron Miller, identified a need to establish a church in the rapidly developing Indian Trail area of northwest Spokane. For this group to feel a call from God to serve a community should come as no surpirise, because Northview Bible Church had itself been established in just the same way by Fourth Memorial Church, many years before in 1976. Fourth Memorial Church was originally founded in Spokane as the very-literally-named Fourth Presbyterian Church in 1903, but decided to leave the Presbytery U.S.A. denomination in the late 1950s to become an independent, non-denominational Bible church, which instituted the non-denominational nature of both Northview and Indian Trail Church.

Initially established as Indian Trail Community Church, the leadership purchased and met in a building that was originally developed by the Nazarene denomination in the mid-1980s, on the corner of Indian Trail Road and Barnes Road. Through the mid-1990s, the church was blessed with growth, and in 1998 the building was expanded and the grounds were improved with the addition of a small wing of two classrooms, more bathrooms and a paved parking lot. With God's continued blessing, another two classrooms and a small auditorium were added in 2001, bringing the size of the building to where it stands today.

A rift in the congregation developed in 2003 which led to a painful split, leaving Indian Trail Community Church with low levels of attendance and vacancies in its leadership. And although in hindsight it can be seen that God was using even this troubled time to further his name (the church founded by those who left, Cornerstone Community, is also proclaiming Christ in northwest Spokane), it was perhaps the most discouraging chapter in the history of Indian Trail Church.

Of course, God blesses and works with his church in unexpected ways! At the same time Indian Trail Church was experiencing its lowest point as a church body, another church in north Spokane - Beacon Bible - was struggling with the burden of outgrowing its facilities. After guest preaching at Indian Trail Community Church, Beacon Bible's pastor, Matt Boswell, was asked by the remaining elders of Indian Trail Community Church to consider coming to ITCC to take on the position of senior pastor. Although Pastor Matt was unwilling to leave his church family at Beacon Bible, he did make an unusual suggestion: he would consider the offer if he could bring his entire Beacon Bible church family with him. This proposition seemed to solve problems for both church bodies, and after both congregations voted their approval, Beacon Bible left its old church building and merged into Indian Trail Community Church.

Once again, God blessed Indian Trail Community Church with growth. Through the mid-2000s, changes came in the form of a shortened name ("Community" was dropped to become simply Indian Trail Church) and the addition of more pastoral staff and a second Sunday morning worship service. In 2007, Pastor Matt felt led to move across the state and become the senior pastor of a church in Duvall, Washington. Since then, the pastoral staff and elder board have shared in the leadership decisions of Indian Trail Church without filling the postion of senior pastor.

Today, as it continues to worship and glorify the Lord, Indian Trail Church can look back at many, many blessings over the years - enough to feel the call to now look beyond itself and begin the process of planning to establish yet another church that is dedicated to serving the Lord in its own community. Where that will be is yet unknown, but in the Spirit of the churches of its past, ITC continues to pray and prepare for the opportunity to establish a new church in the Spokane area that lives for the glory of God by being gospel-centered and gospel-spreading.