Another Year Gone By


As we begin another year (I can say that until February, right?), many of us look forward with hope and anticipation for what life will bring. How will God challenge us and grow us by His grace into the image of His dear Son? What opportunities will we have that we could not have foreseen? What new friendships might be used to spur us on to love and good works? But others look down this twelve month corridor with a bit of dismay. Less than excitement, there are even hesitations, fears and anxieties. Some harbor regret, because each look down the corridor of the new twelve months is a bitter reminder that twelve more have just come to a close.

There is a certain sobriety that comes with the passage of time. With seed time and harvest, a man realizes that he has one less of them to see. Indeed, the Scriptures say that our lives are but a mist...a vapor. Something which puffs into the air, is seen for a moment, and then recedes as if it had never existed. The sobriety that is meant to come with this realization is not intended to foster a downcast spirit. It is meant to foster a God-ward spirit.

Perhaps it's the result of my recent bout with flu (how can a virus so small that it can't be seen bring a man to his knees... almost helpless?!), but God has graciously been showing me that He alone is worthy of our devotion and direction in life; when we're healthy and strong, and when we're in decline. 19th century missionary C.T. Studd once wrote a poem, each stanza of which ended with the refrain: "Only one life, 'twill soon be past, Only what's done for Christ will last"

This week I want to direct you to a series of articles about Aging Gracefully written by Tim Challies. Challies is a blogger and author that is well known and respected in reformed, gospel-centered circles, sharing a deep heart that Christ be magnified in all of life. My prayer is that these articles will not only benefit you as a Christian, parent, husband or wife, but that these would also spur us on together as a church as we all age together. May God be honored as we honor and serve one another at whatever stage in the aging process each dear saint is found. Here's the link:

Aging Gracefully by Tim Challies