Book Review: Quotes from The Truth of the Cross


Quotes from The Truth of the Cross
by R.C. Sproul

If anything has been lost from our culture, it is the idea that human beings are.... accountable to God. (8)

If you take away the cross as an atoning act, you take away christianity. (15)

He will never negotiate His justice.... His …commitment to always do what is right. (19)

He must punish sinners or find another way to atone for their sins. (29)

Sin is cosmic treason. (32)

Three ways in which human sin is described: debt, state of enmity, a crime. (33)

If I am responsible to be perfect, and I sin once, what must I do to be perfect? (35)

Grace and mercy are never deserved. (36)

Nothing could ever happen in this world that would give me just reason to assault the integrity of God. (38)

A redeemer is one who takes action to set another free. (52)

Not only did Jesus die for us, He lived for us. (95)

The apostles frequently quoted the Old Testament for help in interpreting what had occurred at Golgotha. (104)

The closer one gets to the immediate presence of God, the greater the blessedness. (127)

I am afraid that many professing Christians are much more concerned with the exaltation of human beings than they are about the dignity of God himself. (162)

I think the biggest danger is that churches are filled with people who have made a profession of faith but are not in a state of grace. (162)

They are forgetting that the power is in the Word of God, not in methods. (164)

We need to meet the God of the Old Testament, because it is He whom Jesus called Father. (165)

Old testament believers were saved by a faith that looked forward, while we are saved by a faith that looks backward. The objective ground for the salvation of both groups is the same - the atonement of Christ. (167)

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