Book Review: Quotes from Spiritual Warfare by Brian Borgman and Rob Ventura


Quotes from Spiritual Warfare: A Biblical and Balanced Perspective by Brian Borgman and Rob Ventura

Some false teachings include demon-possessed Christians, formulas for exorcism, binding the devil, rebuking demons, and mapping their physical location. (2)

The danger here is not that we might neglect spiritual warfare but that we develop truncated view of the Christian life in which we wrongly blame Satan and demons for ever problem we face. (3)

Apart from Christ we can nothing (John 15:5), and as we live connected to and conscious of our oneness, association, and identification with Him, we will be fully clad with all the virtue of His blessed person. (16)

…understand at this point that wearing spiritual armor is an essential element of putting on Christ and applying the new life of grace in Him; it is not something separate. (16)

Standing is not passive…The idea is not to stand around, but to stand firm. It is to stand like an oak against the winds of Satan’s lies that would sway us. (20)

Satan will often imply or outright charge that God is not good. (27)

Satan’s tactic is also to defy God’s character by challenging His Word. (27)

Satan’s principal weapon is falsehood. (28)

Satan’s design in Peter’s denials was to separate Peter from his faith in Christ, as harvesters would separate the edible grain of wheat from that stalks and husks. (29)

He should be taken seriously, for malice and cunning make him fearsome; yet not so seriously as to provoke abject terror of him, for he is a beaten enemy. (31)

As Roman soldiers would often stand shoulder-to-shoulder and shield-to-shield for greater protection, so also we must take up God’s armor an stand strong as one! (38)

These attacks of the evil one include unholy thoughts, temptations, blasphemies, fear, false teachings, oppression, doubt, despair, discouragement, distrust, discontentment, worry, envy, pride and atheism. (71)

In 1 Thessalonians 5:8 he tells us to put on”as a helmet the hope of salvation.” Again, the apostle is clearly looking for a salvation that is to come. (77)

Just as the helmet protected the head of the ancient soldier and gave him confidence in confrontation, so also this firm assurance of your final and complete salvation protects you under the relentless blows of your spiritual adversary. (77)

Prayer is not a seventh piece of the armor but the means by which each piece is effectively employed. (88)

Our real obstacle to frequent and consistent prayer is often our failure to acknowledge our deep need for God or a pressing dependence on Him. When we do not sense our weakness, our helplessness, our dependence, and our danger, we will not pray. (90)

Paul says, “all the saints.” We don’t know all the saints! Paul is probably reminding us that we need to pray for the body as a whole. (94)

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