Weekly Devotional: Psalm 145:3


Psalm 145:3 extols “Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised, and his greatness is unsearchable.”

Life if full of Mountain peaks of Marvel,
Dark valleys of Discouragement,
Fogs of Frustration,
Clouds of Confusion.

In the midst of all the joys, sorrows, mountain peaks and valleys, O that we would be a people who fix our gaze upon the greatness and glory of God!

How are we to live in and through these moments in life? How are we to live as those who have been redeemed by Jesus Christ to live? The book of Psalms models and exhorts us to look to the Lord continually, to have our minds and hearts decidedly Godward. These divinely inspired texts call us to…

Pour out our praises and petitions
Our cries and confessions
Our murmurings and our meditations
Our Lament and Languishing
To the Lord
For He is the God
Who Hears and Helps
Who is Exalted and Enthroned

We serve a great and glorious God and all of life is about Him and bringing him glory. Let us open the Psalms and behold the greatness of His glory as we patiently plod, day to day, seeking to know Him and make Him known.