In tomorrow's final sermon in the "You Are..." series, we look at one of the most fundamental truths about Christians individually, and about the church corporately. We are to be disciple-makers. Tomorrow's statement of conviction is: You are called to disciple others to faith in and obedience to Jesus Christ.

In this familiar passage, Jesus commissions His disciples to make disciples. While it is certainly true that this work involves proclamation of the gospel message, we must not see that as the completion of disciple-making. A disciple is a learner and follower. And so the work of discipling is also the process by which we spur another believer on to maturity and Christlikeness. Both baptizing and teaching people to obey characterize this work of making disciples. It is our calling not only to bring non-Christians to Christ, but also help them grow in Him to maturity and faithfulness. Though this work is intimidating, Christ has promised His presence for us until the end of the age. Though this task may require sacrifice and boldness, Christ has assured us that all authority is His. We go out to bring people to Him, and grow people in Him because of the promises given by Him.

May God lead us as a church as we put into practice all that He's given to us from His word this Fall.