the story of: Path of Life ministries, Spokane


Paul and Julie Brown are a part of the ITC family. For many years, Paul and Julie have been involved in various ministries in the Spokane area. Currently they are working with Path of Life. We wanted to share a little about their story and their heart for this new ministry.

You’re involved with Path of Life ministries which is a new ministry in the Spokane area. Can you tell us a little about it?
Path of Life is a Christian organization that compassionately cares for people facing the result of, and issues related to, sexual expression apart from God’s design. We offer care and counseling for post abortion distress, unplanned pregnancies, relationship dysfunction, unwanted same-sex attraction and gender identity confusion.

Is there meaning behind the name “Path Of Life”?
Yes, in a day where an entire generation is getting ravaged by all the empty attempts at fulfillment and seeking love, identity, and meaning, we want to give a clear message that there is only one path in life and that is Jesus Christ. He is the only “way.” He’s the only “Truth.” He’s the only “Life.”

How is the gospel related to Path of Life ministries?
The Gospel is everything. No one is beyond the reach of Jesus Christ. He will accept all who come to Him. Any effort made to help someone without Christ is empty. What profit is it to help someone gain the whole world just to see them lose their soul for eternity? Of course, this ministry must be done with much prayerfulness.

How does Path of Life hope to impact Spokane with the Gospel?
In times of crisis or distress a person is more open to hearing the truth and receiving counsel. Their ways have not been working. We will provide a warm, open atmosphere in a facility where anyone can come and share their struggles with listening ears, and hopefully open up to the Gospel. Then after connecting them to Jesus and discipling them for a time, we would hope to connect them to a church family and to reconnect them with their own families.

What are some ways that people can support Path of Life?
1. Real prayer support for our work in the following areas:

  • Post-abortion Recovery
  • Pregnancy and Parenting Support
  • Gender Clarification in Spiritual Discipleship
  • Relationship Education and Mentoring

2. Become a volunteer - please contact us if you are interested!
3. Financially - we are a 501-C-3.

Thank you, Paul and Julie! Check out Path of Life online: On Facebook at or visit their website at