YOU ARE...JUSTIFIED: Resource Guide


Memory Verser for YOU ARE...JUSTIFIED:
2 Corinthians 5:21 - For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so
that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

Family Worship Resources for YOU ARE...JUSTIFIED:
New City Catechism - Question #32
The Ology - #43 Jesus Paid it All

Home Group Book Study for YOU ARE...JUSTIFIED:
Christian Beliefs - Chapter 14
Concise Theology - Justification, pg. 164-166

Home Group Discussion Questions for YOU ARE...JUSTIFIED:
-How would you explain the meaning of the word "justification" from this passage? Why is this such an indispensable concept for sinful people?

-This passage teaches that a person is justified by faith. What kind of faith is it; and where is it directed? How does our culture view faith differently?

-How could this passage affect a person's confidence in their own works before God?

Recommended Worship Songs for YOU ARE...JUSTIFIED:
In the court of God's holy justice, apart from the Gospel, we are guilty and condemned sinners. But, Chris Tomlin's song, Jesus Messiah, paraphrases the great Gospel truth from 2 Corinthians 5:21 that “He became sin who knew no sin that we might become His righteousness.” In the wonderful hymn, Jesus Paid It All, we sing how “sin had left a crimson stain,” but “He washed it white as snow” (from Isaiah 1:18), thereby making us fit to approach and know the holy and righteous God.

Jesus, Messiah
(lyrics included in video)

Jesus Paid It All
(lyrics included in video)