YOU ARE...LOVED: Resource Guide


Memory Verser for YOU ARE...LOVED:
Romans 5:8 - But God shows his love for us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.

Family Worship Resources for YOU ARE...LOVED:
New City Catechism - Questions #19, 20 and 24
The Ology - #32 Jesus Died in Our Place, #33 Jesus’s Resurrection Defeated Death, #34 We Are Safely Hidden in Christ

Home Group Book Study for YOU ARE...LOVED:
Christian Beliefs - Chapter 10
Concise Theology - Sacrifice, pg. 134-136

Home Group Discussion Questions for YOU ARE...LOVED:
-In this passage, Paul calls us "weak", "ungodly", "sinners" and "enemies." How do each of these terms contribute to a full understanding of our condition in our sin?

-What does it mean in this passage to say that Christ died for us? Why is this important to realize?

-Why is reconciliation such an important part of the gospel?

-Why was the phrase "theater of God's love" used throughout this sermon?

-What parts of this passage do you think might be a blessing to the non-Christians in your life, and why?

Recommended Worship Songs for YOU ARE...LOVED:
Nothing can compare to the love of God, which is a love that sacrificed what was of greatest value to save poor, wretched sinners. This incredible love is depicted in the modern hymn, How Deep the Father's Love for Us. And in the Sovereign Grace song, Jesus, Thank You, we sing of how the death of Christ has removed our sin so we are no longer enemies of God. Now we are His friends.

How Deep The Father's Love For Us
(lyrics included in video)

Jesus, Thank You
(lyrics included in video)