As you gather together in home and discipleship groups, we suggest that the discussion be centered around the passage that will be preached on the upcoming Sunday. This format may differ from what groups have done in the past, where the discussion was a response to the preached sermon. Why the change? We hope to grow in our ability to handle the Word and flex our Bible study observation, interpretation, and application skills.

To aid you in this endeavor, here are some helpful prompts for your study of the passage and discussion:

Observation questions:
What is the main point(s)?

What key ideas or words are repeated?

Interpretation Questions:
How does this text relate to other parts of the book?

How does the passage tell/show us about Christ? 

What does this passage teach about God’s character?
What does this passage teach or imply about us and our need 
for God’s grace through Christ? 

Summarize the main idea of the passage in a few words.

Application Questions:
How does this passage challenge/confirm my understanding? 

Is there an attitude or characteristic I need to cultivate in response to this passage? (be specific) 

How does this passage call on me to change the way I live? (be specific) 

Who in your life can you encourage with the truth of this passage? 

How can the message of this passage be shared as good news in evangelism?