ITC Family ministry helps families thrive through the gospel. The good news of Christ doesn’t just save us from sin. As we trust in it each day, God empowers us and provides the patterns for our homes to become healthier and happier. We aim to give Biblical knowledge, practical tools, and consistent encouragement that our members might thrive in Christ-centered and God-glorifying homes. Through various means like topic-specific classes, mentoring, home groups, counseling, book recommendations, and our own printed resources, we hope to help your family grow and flourish in the joy of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

How Can God Use Me In This Ministry?

Mentor other parents. Each stage of parenting brings new joys and fresh challenges. While some are trying to get six-month-olds to sleep through the night, others are trying to get sixteen-year-olds to go to sleep at night. God has placed us in a body of believers to provide encouragement and practical help in every phase of life and parenting. Can you share with others what He’s shown you?

Mentor husbands or wives. If you’re married, you know the highs and lows, joys and sorrows, and griefs and glories of the marriage covenant. Yet through it all, we have the foundational pattern for marriage in Christ and His church. Often, helping one another grow in our marriage roles isn’t about fancy techniques. It’s about reminding one another of the specific calling of God we each have in marriage.

Help others Learn. Because we offer classes for families, we will often need help with childcare. Each family ministry class will last 4-6 weeks. Are you able to serve with kids during one of those classes so that moms and dads and husbands and wives can learn from God’s word and begin to thrive in their families?

Host a home group. Home groups can help us to share life and encourage one another in the gospel. Although home groups usually don’t focus on particular topics (like marriage, parenting, etc.), they foster relationships that God can use in all areas of life. Maybe gathering regularly with others to pray, encounter God’s word, and provide mutual encouragement is just what your family needs.

Share your experiences. In His sovereign plan, God often takes us through hard seasons in life and family. Often, we think only of “making it through.” But on the other side of the storm, we find that God has taught us about Himself and given us growth amid hardship. These lessons and evidences of His grace can help others during their journey. Would you be willing to share how God has worked in your family to help other families grow? Let us know, and we’ll help you tell your story so that others might benefit from it.