ITC Home Groups

Living for the glory of God by being gospel-centered and gospel-spreading demands a team effort. This is why one of the ways we consistently build one another up in Christ at Indian Trail Church is through Home Groups.

Home Groups are regular gatherings of members who come together to share their lives; to rejoice in friendships, to grow in Christ together and to help carry one another's burdens. This can include times of prayer, discussion about what was preached from the pulpit, book studies, events, celebrations and more. Although verbal participation in the group discussion, prayer and sharing times is encouraged, please know that all participation is voluntary.

When a group meets, where a group meets or who is in a group are all good reasons to choose a specific group to attend. Here is the current list of ITC Home Groups that are happy to have visitors that are considering joining a Home Group:


If you need help figuring out a good fit for you or your family, or if you are interested in starting your own Home Group, please don't hesitate to talk to one of the ITC elders.

Common Home Group Questions and Answers

Can we bring our children?
Although having a childcare strategy is not required of any Home Group, we do encourage groups to have one. This strategy can range from having the kids play nearby in another location in the home to having paid babysitters. Most infants stay with the adults during the gathering. The specific childcare strategy of a Home Group can be found out by contacting its Home Group leader.

How often does a Home Group gather?
There is not a set pattern here. Most groups gather on a weekly basis. Some groups meet for three weeks and then take a week off. Some groups meet every other week.

When do groups gather?
Although Home Groups gather throughout the week at different times and days, most groups gather for about an hour and a half on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings, usually between 6:00 to 8:00pm.

What is the typical number of people in a Home Group?
The typical group is made up of 9 -17 adults. Our desire is that as Home Groups mature, people in the group will feel the call to become group leaders themselves, so that when the group gets too large, a plan for birthing a new group can be considered.

Do people have to be in groups near where they live?
No, but it is recommended. Being in a Home Group with others who live nearby gives you more opportunities to see each other outside of the regular group gatherings. Home Groups that are made up of people that live nearby each other can benefit from spontaneity and frequency of connection around everyday life, but it is not a requirement.

What does the typical gathering look like?
Although no one Home Group gathering will look the same, the typical Home Group gathering has a time for informal conversations, group discussion, prayer, and sharing. Some HG gatherings also share in a meal together.

What do Home Groups study and discuss?
Because preaching at ITC is expositional in nature, Home Group discussions are often based on ITC sermons. But Home Groups have the freedom to study other biblical topics or books of the bible at any time. Ultimately, we hope that every gathering makes the sharing of the joys and struggles of living for the gospel of Jesus Christ its highest priority. 

Do I have to participate in the discussion or pray out loud?
Although the desire is that everyone would feel encouraged to be regular participants, the only requirement to join a Home Group is simple social etiquette. Everyone should feel free to do no more than observe and listen; participation in group prayer, discussion, sharing, and other activities is completely voluntary.

Is there freedom to try out different groups?
Yes. Not every group will fit every person, so trying out more than one group is embraced and welcomed. Although long term involvement is encouraged, changing groups is not frowned upon. We do believe there are good reasons God will move people from one group to another. Group members are encouraged to talk this over with the leader without fear of being wrongly judged.

Is there a financial commitment of any kind?
No. The only exceptions to this are when groups have paid childcare or the group chooses to study some topic that requires purchasing certain resources like a book or curriculum.

Do groups gather all year long?
Groups are encouraged to meet all year long, but are free to take breaks when appropriate and necessary. Each group is free to decide how often they meet and when they take breaks, understanding that biblical community is not a seasonal activity, but a lifestyle.

What if I can't make all the gatherings?
Although there is a value in attending as many Home Group gatherings as possible, our goal is not about committing to a time and place, but belonging to a people and purpose. And although attending a Home Group gathering helps create this belonging, it is possible to belong to a Home Group without attending the Home Group gathering consistently.