From the beginning of creation, God's desire has been for His glory to be known and treasured throughout the world. Though sin ruined this good design, God has graciously sought a people from every tongue, tribe, and nation ever since.

Christ entrusted a gospel to His disciples that was intended to reach all nations. The Apostles modeled a desire to go to the unreached (Romans 10:14-15; 15:19-21). The praise of heaven and the final form of the kingdom show that all nations are the goal of Christ's redeeming work (Revelation 5:9-10; 21:24-26; 22:2). Jesus declared that He would build the church, and the gates of Hell would not prevail against it (Matthew 16:18).

The pattern of the New Testament is for local churches to send (Acts 13:1-4), partner with (Philippians 4:15), and support (Titus 3:13-14; 3 John 5-8) people who are called of God and affirmed by local churches.
We cooperate with missionaries who embody the spirit of these convictions as God gives opportunity.

Currently, we support the following missionaries:

Marcus & Amie Denny {Serving in Kladno, Czech Republic}
Joe & Jayne Martinez {Serving in Cusco, Peru}
Carlos & Lorena Calderon {Serving the 10/40 window (from Spokane)}
Zach & Stephanie Smith {Serving with JAARS}
Dan & Kadi Absalonson {Serving in Antiqua, Guatemala}
Alex Rappé {Serving in Madeira, Portugal}

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