Rend Your Hearts

May 1, 2016 Speaker: Kyle Schwahn Series: Book of the 12

Passage: Joel 1:1– 3:21


-Why is a promise about renewed creation such a significant word in Joel? How does it connect to the words of judgment that had already been given? How does the promise of renewed creation connect with God's intention from the beginning of the Bible?

-Joel speaks of the pouring out of God's Spirit on all believers (2:28-29). In your own life, what are some of the things that the presence of God's Spirit has done in you?

-Why would the judgment of some people be viewed as part of the restoration for the people of God?

-Read 2:12-17 as a group. If you had to pick one word or phrase to describe how a person "returns" in this passage, what would it be and why?

-What is the main difference between false repentance and true repentance?

-For those of us on this side of the cross of Jesus Christ, how is repentance different than in Joel's day? How is it the same?

-Part of the great commission is the proclamation of forgiveness and repentance. Spend some time praying for those in your life who need true repentance and faith in Christ.

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