Sin, Destruction and David

May 8, 2016 Speaker: Kyle Schwahn Series: Book of the 12

Passage: Amos 1:1– 9:15


-Why is the imagery of God "roaring" (1:2 and Joel 3:16) so important in this book? What was it intended to communicate to the hearts of the people?

-The sermon highlighted six major areas of sin in the life of Israel during Amos' day:

  1. Injustice (especially to the poor)
  2. Sexual Immorality
  3. False/Vain/hypocritical worship
  4. Rejection of holiness and revelation
  5. They were consumers
  6. Stubbornness of heart

As you think about American church culture, which of these would you say is most prevalent? Why?

-As you think about our culture generally, which do you think is most prevalent? Why?

-How does this list help you to think about communicating the concept of sin when you're sharing the gospel with friends?

-How does Amos provide hope at the end of this book?

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