Heap of Ruins and the Hope of Nations

June 12, 2016 Speaker: Kyle Schwahn Series: Book of the 12

Passage: Micah 1:1– 7:20


-Read through Micah 3:1-11 as a group. What sorts of social ills come out in this section? Which of these bear resemblance to our own culture?

-In 3:12, Micah speaks of the destruction of Jerusalem. Why would this have been such a devastating prospect to the people of Judah?

-As you read Micah 4:1-8, which aspect of God's renewing work is most appealing to you, and why?

-Why is it important to see the connection between the renewal of God, and the Shepherd-King who will bring it to pass?

-How could you communicate this message of hope and renewal to the non-Christians in your life? What sorts of things does this hope connect with in the lives of all people?

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