Waiting for God

June 19, 2016 Speaker: Kyle Schwahn Series: Book of the 12

Passage: Nahum 1:1– 3:19, Habakkuk 1:1– 3:19


-Why is there such a difference in the treatment of Nineveh in Nahum from that in the book of Jonah?

-As you read Nahum 1:2-6, what is your first reaction? How could this be squared with the statement of God's goodness in Nahum 1:7? Can both be true?

-The sermon referenced God's sovereignty in sending Assyria... but also their own responsibility for their sin (Isaiah 10:5-19). In what other contexts do we see divine sovereignty and human responsibility together?

-How would the vengeance of God in Nahum be seen as "good news" (Nah. 1:15)? Why is this important for the people of God to understand?

-Habakkuk begins with the prophet's questions to God about why He's not acting. Can you share a time in your life when you felt as if God was not listening or responding? What did you do?

-God's counsel to Habakkuk in 2:2-4 is to wait. Why would God choose to make His children wait for vindication or help (either in Habakkuk's day, or our own)?

-Read Romans 1:16-17 and Hebrews 10:34-39 (which both quote Habakkuk 2:4). How would you explain what true, saving faith is to a non-believer from these passages?

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