The LORD's Treasure

June 26, 2016 Speaker: Kyle Schwahn Series: Book of the 12

Passage: Zephaniah 1:1– 3:20


-Why is it important to understand that the Day of the LORD is for all of mankind?

-Zephaniah 1:17 says that the Day of the LORD comes because of sin against the LORD. Why is this a helpful way to think of all sin? Why is it sometimes easier to neglect this view of sin? What negative results come from thinking of sin wrongly?

-Read 3.8 as a group. Why does God encourage His people to wait for the Day of the LORD?

-Read through 3:8-20. Which parts of this passage would you highlight if you were sharing with a non-Christian about the hope that we have in Christ? Why?

-What do we see about God in 3:17? What do we see about ourselves?

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