The Gospel and Work

September 30, 2018 Speaker: Kyle Schwahn Series: The Gospel And...

Scripture: Colossians 3:22–4:1


- In what ways in Colossians 3:22 does Paul caution us NOT to work? Have you ever known others who worked to please people, or to maintain an image of hard work? What did you think of them? Why is this a bad idea for anyone?

- Pastor Kyle exhorted us to "work from the heart." What did he mean by that? Look up and read Matthew 22:34-38. How is working from the heart related to what Jesus called the great and first commandment?

- How can our work be a form of worship? Does this change the way you look at your job or your work? How does the gospel help us accomplish this? (Hint: You don't need anything because you've already been given everything.)

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