The Gospel and Anxiety

December 16, 2018 Speaker: Kyle Schwahn Series: The Gospel And...

Scripture: Philippians 4:6–4:7


- Christ tells us in Matthew 6 that the lives of people who don't belong to God are filled with worry. Why would followers of Christ still be prone to worry, and feel the pressure of anxieties?

- Paul tells us in Philippians to "not be anxious about anything." If that is more than a nice idea or lofty goal, but is in fact a command - if we are supposed to be living with peace and joy instead - how are you doing with that? Share some of the kinds of things you worry about in spite of this instruction.

- If anxiety is like a warning light, what are we to do when we sense it in our lives?

- What does 1 Peter 5:6-7 have to say about anxiety? What is the relationship between humility and anxiety? Do you believe God really does care about everything in your life and everything in the world?

- How can compassion and courage help you to help others who struggle under a burden of anxiety?

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