Matthew 1

December 23, 2018 Speaker: Kyle Schwahn Series: Matthew

Passage: Matthew 1:1–25


- In this first chapter of his gospel, Matthew gave Jesus five names or titles in order to paint a more complete picture of who he was. The first one Kyle mentioned was the Christ. What does Christ mean? What did the people of Israel expect the Christ to save them from?

- Another name Matthew used was Son of David. Why was Joseph the focus of this first chapter, rather than Mary? Why is the line of David important? How was David different than nearly all the other kings of Israel, and why is that good news concerning Jesus?

- Matthew also referred to Jesus as the Son of Abraham. How does that differ from being seen as the Son of David? What does it imply for the world?

- In verse 23, Matthew quotes "the prophet" and calls Jesus Immanuel, which we tend to think of most often at Christmas time. Which prophet was Matthew quoting and what does this have to do with Jesus?

- Finally, at the very end of the first chapter, Matthew tells us Joseph named the child Jesus. "Jesus" is a Greek variant of a Hebrew name. What is the significance of that Hebrew name?

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