The Gospel and Singing

January 6, 2019 Speaker: Bob DeLateur Series: The Gospel And...

Passage: Colossians 3:16–17


- Many verses of Scripture indicate that a gospel-saturated heart will naturally express God's glory through song. If fruit is the external evidence of a healthy tree, what is singing the external evidence of in the life of a follower of Christ?

- What would you think of a church that didn't have strong, heartfelt congregational singing? Have you been in churches where there was congregational singing, but it seemed weak or insincere? How did that affect your time of worship?

- Have there been times in your life when you came to church and did NOT feel like singing? Is our skill or comfort a valid reason to not sing? If singing is a biblical command from God, what should we do in those moments we would rather not sing?

- Bob said that singing was a response to the gospel of Jesus Christ that happens upward, inward and outward. What did he mean by each of those directions? If those are true, how important is singing?

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