Matthew 2

January 13, 2019 Speaker: Kyle Schwahn Series: Matthew

Scripture: Matthew 2:1–2:23


- Matthew chapter 2 outlines four specific places, each with a related prophecy. What is the theme that these places and prophecies are pointing to? "Jesus is worthy of our _________"  (Hint: Kyle compared it to the process of taking on a foster child....)

- In the prophecy linked with Bethlehem, what is the significance of Jesus being thought of as both the long-awaited, perfect King AND a shepherd? (From Micah 5:2 and 5:4....)

- Why is the concept of "the promised son" from the prophecy linked to Egypt important? (From Hosea 11:1....) Who is Jesus promised to?

- The actions of Herod described in Matthew 2:16 were horrible, and the prophecy from Jeremiah concerning Ramah was dark and sad. Why would Matthew include this in his gospel? (From Jeremiah 31:15....)

- Why was Jesus' life starting out in Nazareth significant? What did it mean for Jesus to be called a Nazarene? How does it make you feel to know your savior was despised?

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