Be Perfect

March 3, 2019 Speaker: Kyle Schwahn Series: Matthew

Scripture: Matthew 5:21–5:48


- Is true righteousness simply a matter of good behavior? If there's more to righteousness than just doing the right thing, where does Jesus look to measure our goodness before God? How is this different than the religious leaders of his time? Are there religious leaders of our time who have fallen into this trap? Do you have freinds or family that have fallen into this trap?

- What are some areas of heart-level righteousness that Jesus is making us aware of Matthew 5:21-48? (For example, anger in verse 22.) Are there any areas that are surprising? Are there any areas that seem impossible?

- What was the purpose of having "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" in the Old Testament? How is that different than the way Jesus reverses the principle of negative escalation?

- Why does Jesus conclude this section of Scripture by commanding us to be perfect? How can we?

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