Matthew 6:1-8, 16-18

March 17, 2019 Speaker: Kyle Schwahn Series: Matthew

Passage: Matthew 6:1–8, Matthew 6:16–18


- Is the "your" and the "you" that Jesus uses in verse 1 of Matthew 6 referring to us as individuals or as a body (he used them to refer to us as a body in just the previous chapter, 5:13-16)? Why is this important?

- There are a couple assumptions being made by Jesus in these verses. The first is that Jesus seems to assume his followers will be giving, praying and fasting. Does your walk with Christ reflect this? The second assumption is more subtle; Jesus assumes the inward righteousness of his followers will flow out if them in word and deed. (Think of the beattitude type of life covered in the previous chapter.) If this is true in our lives, what is Jesus warning us to beware of in these verses?

- What are the origins of the word "hypocrite?" How is this related to what Jesus is warning us about? If we act righteous for our own glory, are our acts really righteous? Is God ever fooled?

- How often in your day are you managing what people think of you? When you do, do you find that human praise satisfies, or are you left wanting more? Who is it that we should be living to please?

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