Matthew 6:7-15

March 31, 2019 Speaker: Will Barkley Series: Matthew

Passage: Matthew 6:7–15


- Why do you think Jesus would teach on hypocrisy just before and after teaching about prayer?

- What is prayer? How does a person's view of God affect what he or she thinks of prayer? How can we pray frequently and persistently without praying like the Gentiles?

- Is the Lord's prayer in Matthew 6:9-13 a prescription for what length our prayers should be limited to or what subject our prayers should be limited to? Can you think of other models of prayer in Scripture?

- When we pray, how is it possible that we can address God as our Father? Why would Jesus remind us to think of God that way?

- What are the first three petitions in this prayer? (verse 10) Who are they about?

- What are the last three petitions in this prayer? (verses 11-13) Who are they about? Is there a significance to this order?

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