Matthew 7:13-29

April 14, 2019 Speaker: Corey Gage Series: Matthew

Passage: Matthew 7:13–29


- What does Jesus mean when he talks about the narrow and the wides gates in Matthew 7:13-14? Why do you think only a few find their way through the narrow gate? If you believe you have entered the narrow gate, have you found that way hard? If not, should you? If so, share some things that get you through the hard times.

- How can we tell when a prophet, preacher or teacher is from God? How can what someone fails to say be an indicator of an inward wolf? What kinds of fruits do you see in the lives of the teachers around you? What kind of fruit do you see in your own life?

- Even though our lives may be filled with good works, how do we know we are not one of the people God address with, "I never knew you, depart from me"? How does this relate to the idea of building on sand or rock?

- Did Jesus astonish you when you first encountered him? Are you astonished today?

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