Matthew 9:35-38

May 26, 2019 Speaker: Will Barkley Series: Matthew

Passage: Matthew 9:35–38


- As a follower of God through faith in Christ, there was a time when you first heard the gospel of Jesus. When was that and how did you respond? Share your story of salvation. Did you think much about the person or people who shared the gospel with you?

- In Matthew 9:36, the focus of the book shifts from stories of individuals surrounded by crowds to the crowds themselves. Why do you think Matthew made this change? What do you think of comparing the crowds to sheep?

- What does Jesus strongly feel when looking at the harassed and helpless crowds? How does that make you feel?

- What is the concern Jesus shares with his disciples? Who is the Lord of the harvest, and what does that mean? What does Jesus call his disciples to do? How does that affect you? How does that affect our church?

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