Matthew 12

June 23, 2019 Speaker: Will Barkley Series: Matthew

Passage: Matthew 12:1–50


- In Matthew 12:1-2, why was the accusation against Jesus' disciples so serious? How did Jesus respond to these accusations? What does this say about Jesus?

- What did the Pharisees' persistence with accusations about Jesus say about their hearts and desires? Did they seem to care about the man Jesus healed in verse 13? How did the Pharisees respond to what Jesus said and did? What does this say about the Pharisees?

- The Pharisees spiral downward even further by accusing Jesus of driving out demons by the power of Satan in verse 12:24. What prompted them to say that? What do you think it means to blaspheme the Holy Spirit?

- The Pharisees only wanted to accept Jesus on their own terms. Is this something that still happens today? If so, what are some examples? What would you tell someone who was trying to do that?

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