Matthew 14:13-36

July 21, 2019 Speaker: Will Barkley Series: Matthew

Passage: Matthew 14:13–36


- In Matthew 14:13, Jesus receives some bad news and wants to be alone, but crowds of unsympathetic people follow him. What were these crowds hoping for from Jesus? How did Jesus react to them? What more does Jesus do than heal and feed our bodies?

- When the disciples reasonably and rationally thought to disperse the crowds that had gathered in this wilderness setting, Jesus stopped them. Why didn't he let the people go home? What other stories come to mind about hungry people in the wilderness and God's provision?

- Why were Christ's disciples terrified when Jesus walked across the water to them? What comfort could be taken from Jesus' response to their fear? Why do you think Peter asked to join Jesus? Why do you think he began to sink when he tried to join Jesus? How were the disciples eyes opened to Jesus in this moment?

- What kind of view of Jesus does mankind have today? Is our view greater or lesser than Peter's and the disciples when they were with Jesus on this historic day described in Matthew 14? Do we have more or less reason to clearly see who Jesus is?

- Can you, like the disciples in verse 33, affirm that Jesus is the Son of God? How does your life reflect that?

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