Matthew 15:21-39

August 4, 2019 Speaker: Matt Jolley Series: Matthew

Scripture: Matthew 15:21–15:39


- What was the biblical history behind Matthew's reference to the woman in verse 22 as a "Canaanite" woman? Is it possible this had something to do with the way Jesus responded to her? If so, how would you explain this?

- What did you think of the Canaanite woman's response to Jesus? How did it show her great faith?

- Could there have been a difference in the crowds that gathered around Jesus in this region of Tyre and Sidon than there was with the Pharisees at Gennesaret in the begining of chapter 15? How is that significant?

- What does Jesus' compassion toward these crowds say about his mission? Did the disciples yet share this compassion? What does reaching out to these crowds mean to us as Christ's disciples today? Who is the Gospel for?

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