The Son of God

September 8, 2019 Speaker: Kyle Schwahn Series: Matthew

Passage: Matthew 17:1–27


- The first 8 verses of Matthew 17 give an account of what is called "the transfiguration." Why do you think Jesus' glory as the Son of God was revealed here? (Read John 5:30-47) What things from the Old Testament did Moses and Elijah represent?

- In verse 5, God speaks, quoting verses from the Old Testament. (See Psalm 2, Isaiah 42 and Deuteronomy 18) What does God say, and what weight does it carry? How did the disciples respond to hearing God speak?

- After hearing of the ill boy in verse 14, why do you think Jesus reprimands what he calls a "faithless and twisted generation?" Who is he talking about? How does your faith in Christ measure against the disciples at this time?

- What was Jesus trying to teach with his answers to the tax questions in verses 22-27? Who do you think Jesus was referring to when he talks about the sons of the king? What enables us to be counted as sons of the King?

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