Matthew 20:29-21:46

November 17, 2019 Speaker: Kyle Schwahn Series: Matthew

Passage: Matthew 20:29– 21:46


- In Matthew 20:29-30, what did the two blind men call Jesus? What did that mean?

- Read Zechariah 9:9. How do this Old Testament verse relate to Matthew 21? What was the significance of people putting their cloaks and palm branches down before Jesus?

- How did the religious leaders react to Jesus' arrival? Why were they so angry? How did Jesus respond to them?

- When the Pharisees answered, "We don't know" in Matthew 21:27, were they honestly puzzled? How did the parables that Jesus responded to them with relate to their answer and their view of Jesus?

- What was the incident with the fig tree in Matthew 21:18-22 about? How does it relate to the fruit Jesus mentions more than once in his second parable to the Pharisees (Matthew 21:33-43)?

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