The Bible

November 24, 2019 Speaker: Kyle Schwahn Series: The Bible

Passage: Genesis 1:1,


- How would you summarize your understanding of the entire Word of God from cover to cover? Do you find it difficult to read, study and meditate on all parts of the Bible? What parts are hard or troublesome?

- What do you think the purpose of the Old Testament is? Could the gospel - the good news of Jesus Christ - exist without it?

- Kyle shared a timeline of the Bible that includes: Creation and The Fall, God's Promises, God's First Covenants, the Kingdoms of God's People, The Exile of God's People, the Incarnation of God and His New Covenant, God's Commission to His People, and the Return of Christ. How do each of these sections all point to what God is doing with this world? What is the centerpiece of it all?