The Family: Husbands

February 23, 2020 Speaker: Josh Howie Series: The Family

Scripture: Ephesians 5:22–5:33


1. What marriage(s) can you be praying for (or get involved with) so that it is held in honor and magnifies the gospel?

2. Do you have the Spirit? If so, share your testimony with someone. How are you being filled with and dependent on the Spirit?

3. If you are married, what are some areas in which you struggle to submit to one another?

4. Agape - unconditional love transcends and persists regardless of circumstance and goes beyond mere emotions to the extent of seeking the best for others. Pray that God will allow you to more deeply know His agape for you and as a result flow to your spouse, family, and others.

5. Where in my life could I sacrifice that would free someone up to grow in the Lord?

6. How am I learning the Word and to whom am I sharing the Word for sanctification?

7. Pray for all the marriages of the church—husbands and wives—to HOLD FAST.

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