The World and the Waiting

May 31, 2020 Speaker: Kyle Schwahn Series: James

Passage: James 4:13– 5:11


- In James 4:13-5:11, James describes lives that are focused on the world and its concerns as opposed to lives that patiently wait on the Lord. Kyle described this as lives that ignore God versus lives that acknowledge God. In what ways do you acknowledge God in your life?

- In James 4:13-15, is James suggesting we shouldn't conduct business, or that we shouldn't conduct business ignoring God? Are there times you do ignore God in your daily business? What are some examples? How can you conduct business acknowledging God?

- Have you ever thought of your life as a mist, as James describes in James 4:14? Why would you think of your life that way?

- Read Matthew 6:19-21. How does what Jesus said relate to what James is saying in James 5:1-3? What should we be treasuring? Are you?

- If the measure of us living patiently for the Lord was reflected in how we react to things outside of our control changing our most important plans, how do you think you would measure up? What should we do if changes to our plans create anger and anxiety and make us forget about God?

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