James 5:12-20

June 7, 2020 Speaker: Will Barkley Series: James

Passage: James 5:12–20


- In James 5:12, James encourages followers of Christ to not swear oaths, but let their 'yes' be yes and let their 'no' be no. Does this mean we should not swear any oaths? What does let your 'yes' be yes and your 'no' be no mean? Do you think you are living this way?

- In James 5:13-18, James talks about the power of prayer. What has your exerience been with prayers of healing? How would you explain annointing with oil? How does this passage make you feel about your own prayer life?

- In James 5:19-20, James addresses brothers and sisters in Christ who are straying from the truth. Have you known brothers or sisters who have struggled to stay in the truth of Scripture or have walked away from their faith? How did you respond to that situation? Why do you think it's important to stay true to the gospel our whole lives? How does this relate to what Paul talks about in 1 Corninthians 9:24-27?

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