Psalm 2

June 21, 2020 Speaker: Dustin Greenup Series: Psalms

Scripture: Psalm 2:1–2:12


- Is it easy to believe God is a perfect, loving Ruler and Father of all? Why or why not? Have you ever struggled with God's authority over your life? Do you still struggle with God's authority over your life?

- If Psalm 2:1-3 tells us the nations are in revolt against God, does that include our nation? What evidence can you provide for your answer?

- Does God's lack of intimidation by those who reject him that we see in Psalm 2:4 equate to a lack of care? How do we know God still cares, even though we have all shaken our fists at him at one time or another?

- What will the first minute of eternity be like for you? Will you joyfully bow down to Jesus out of pure love, or will you be terrified of the consequences of rebelling against God Almight? What can we tell our loved ones and neighbors who are still rebelling against God's Annointed One?

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