Psalm 19

June 28, 2020 Speaker: Josh Howie Series: Psalms

Scripture: Psalm 19:1–19:14


- Psalm 19:1-6 highlights how God speaks to us through his creation. In these busy, device-centered times, how often do you let God speak to you through his creation, as the psalmist did? Share a time from you life when this was particularly true.

- Psalm 19:7-11 highlights how God speaks to us through his Word. Do you think you treasure his Word the way the author describes it in these verses? How would you measure the way someone values God's Word? How has God's Word affected your life?

- Psalm 19:12-13 highlights how God speaks to our sins. What do you think the psalmist meant by "presumptuous sins?" Are there sins in your life that have had dominion over you? If that is true now, how can you break habitual sins?

- Psalm 19:14 addresses the answer to our transgressions. Who is the Rock and the Redeemer that makes us acceptable in God's sight?

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