Psalm 33

July 19, 2020 Speaker: Bob DeLateur Series: Psalms

Scripture: Psalm 33:1–33:22


- If we understand from Psalm 33 that we are called to praise our God, do you? In what ways do you praise God? In what ways should we praise God?

- What is God's view from his throne in heaven? How much does he see? Are you in his sights? How much does he know about you? How does that make you feel? What kind of God would you want to be seen by?

- If God has a plan, what part do you play? Is there anything that men or the nations can do to thwart God's plan? How do you like God's plan so far? If God is on our side, should we fear the plans of men and nations that seem opposed to God's plan?

- Are men or nations able to save themselves? How is anyone saved? Are there ways you still try to save yourself, even knowing you are saved through the blood of Jesus Christ?

- What does it mean to wait on the Lord?

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