Romans 12:3-13 part 1

October 4, 2020 Speaker: Kyle Schwahn Series: Romans

Scripture: Romans 12:3–12:13


- As in the first two verses, in Romans 12:3, Paul continues to talk about the way we think. How would you describe what he's trying to say about how we think? What guides our thinking? What dangers could be hidden in thinking too highly of ourselves?

- In Romans 12:4, the first place Paul goes with our renewed thinking is how we think about the body of the local church. Does this surprise you? Why do you think Paul starts here?

- In Romans 12:5-9, we are called to use the giftings God has given us. How can we know the spiritual (and other) gifts God has given us to use? Share what you think your own gifting might be and how you use it to build up the body of Christ at ITC.

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