Romans 14:1-12

November 22, 2020 Speaker: Kyle Schwahn Series: Romans

Passage: Romans 14:1–12


- In Romans 14:1, Paul writes about someone who is weak in faith. What does that mean? Does being weak in faith mean a person is not a follower of Christ? What do you think Paul means when he writes, "welcome" him or her?

- What are the potential consequences of lifting up our own opinions to the level of Christ? (hint: Romans 14:3, 10) Does this mean that making judgments is always wrong, or just in these matters of opinion? What's love got to do with it?

- How is what Paul writes in Romans 14:7-9 rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ? If we are to lift up the Lordship of Christ and lower our own opinions, what are some ways you have done this or failed at this in the past? What are some ways we can do this right now?

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