Romans 15:1-7

December 6, 2020 Speaker: Kyle Schwahn Series: Romans

Passage: Romans 15:1–15:7


- In Romans 15:1-7, Paul calls us to be occupied with building our brothers and sisters up in Christ. Why is this so important? What is the ultimate goal of doing this? (hint: Romans 14:7)

- Read Ephesians 4:11-16. How is the building up of the church accomplished, and by whom? How does this relate to Romans 15:5-6?

- Read Romans 15:3-4 and Philippians 2:5-8. What did Christ think of giving up the need to be served, of building others up, of putting others ahead of himself? Why do you think Paul included a quote from Psalm 69 about reproaches in his letter to the Roman church? What does the quote mean? What are you doing to build up your brothers and sisters at Indian Trail Church?

- Looking back to Romans 12:12, what are we to rejoice in? What is the hope Paul is referring to? Where does this hope come from?

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