We Can Know the One True God

December 27, 2020 Speaker: Dustin Greenup Series: Jesus's Reign

Passage: Acts 17:16–34


- In Acts 17:16-34, Paul tells the people of Athens that God has revealed himself. In what ways has that happened throughout history? How does God reveal himself today? How did God reveal himself to you?

- In his sermon, Dustin suggested that all people are worshipers by nature. From your own experience, do you think that is true?

- What is idolatry? If it means something that gives your life ultimate meaning, significance and purpose, are idols limited to the statues and objects of worship Paul mentions in Acts 17:23, or can they be ideas and philosophies as well? What kind of idols exist in our culture? What kind of idols exist in your life?

- Is it possible that the God of the Bible is just one of many gods? Why not? How do we know what God is like? How should we look at Scripture if that is the source of knowing what God is like and what he expects of us?

- Can people hear about the God of Scripture and not respond? Why or why not? How should people respond to the God of Scripture?

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