Light of the World

March 7, 2021 Speaker: Matthew Abate Series: The Gospel According to John

Passage: John 9:1–41


- John begins his gospel account with the idea of light. (John 1:9) Why do you think John would speak of Jesus as light? We learned that uses of the words, "I am" are also significant to John. (John 9:5) What do these reveal about Jesus?

- The question the disciples asked in John 9:2 was the prevailing wisdom of the day. Are there ways we still think that way today? Whay? What did Jesus say about it in John 9:3?

- The miracle of healing a man born blind gets lost among its witnesses as they argue about it. Why do you think this wonderful miracle caused such tense divisions? Even the parents of the man who was healed were troubled. Why didn't they rejoice with their son in his healing? (John 9:22-23) Are there times when you're fear of what people will think about your faith in Christ affects what you say or do?

- In John 3:19-21, John tells us why some people hate the light. What things do you think the Pharisees were clinging to that made them blind to Jesus?

- What did Jesus do when he heard that the man he had healed had been cast out of the Synagogue? (John 9:35) What does that reveal about Jesus?

- Colossians 1:13-14 tells us what Jesus has done for all who are born spiritually blind. Share how Jesus has healed you.

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