ITC Confessions: Of Man

March 14, 2021 Speaker: Kyle Schwahn Series: ITC Confession of Faith

Passage: Genesis 1:26– 2:7


- Much of the conflict in our culture comes from confusion about human life. In Genesis 1:26-28, we learn that we are created. (Also see: Acts 17:24-25; Romans 11:36; Revelation 4:11) What does being created tell us about ourselves? If we are not independent Gods or meaningless results of random chance, what does that make us dependent on?

- What does it mean to be created in something's image? What does it mean for mankind to be made in God's image? How does our current culture feel about this?

- Is there anyone who does not bear the image of God? How does this impact how you view other lives? How does this impact your own life?

- Does Scripture give us the option to go along with our culture in redefining gender? What should our consciences about gender be bound to?

- What person is the ultimate image of God? What person is the ultimate human being? What is that person doing in your life to become a better human being and image of God?

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