Tremble at His Word

June 6, 2021 Speaker: Josh Howie Series: Isaiah

Passage: Isaiah 66:1–2


- In Isaiah 66:1-4, God is speaking to his people, and starts by reminding them of who he is. In what ways does he describe himself? How does this image help us understand God? How does the way we see God affect the way we see ourselves?

- God continues by asking his people questions. Why do you think his description of himself and his questions to his people both involve places? What is going on that he feels the need to question his people? (hint: Isaiah 66:3-4)

- Read Ezekiel 36:25-27. What are God's intentions for his people? Since mankind's fall into sin, has that ever changed? How is this realized in our lives? (hint: John 14:15-17)

- In Isaiah 66:2, God lets his people know what he wants to see in them. What does it mean to be humble? What does it mean to be contrite in spirit? What does it mean to tremble at his word? In what ways can our lives reflect these things today?

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