Exodus 7 through 11 part 2

August 15, 2021 Speaker: Kyle Schwahn Series: Exodus

Passage: Exodus 6:28–11:10


- The account of events in Exodus 7:1-11:10 talks a lot about the hardness of Pharaoh's heart. Was Pharaoh's heart hard because it just was, or because he made his heart hard, or because God hardened his heart? What does this mean concerning our world? What does this mean concerning our hearts?

- In Exodus 9:14-16, God tells us clearly why this all had to play out the way it did. How would you summarize the resons found in those verses? Why do you think it's important to God that his name is proclaimed in all the earth? Is it important to you? If so, how does that affect the way you live?

- What are some ways that God may be working amid difficult situations for you and your family that are accomplishing purposes beyond your view or understanding? What allows us to trust God in those times?

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