Exodus 13-15:21

September 5, 2021 Speaker: Kyle Schwahn Series: Exodus

Passage: Exodus 13:1– 15:21


- Why do you think in Exodus 13:18 that Joseph and his bones are written about? In Exodus 13:21, God leads his people out of Egypt as a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. Was God not with them before that? Why do you think God chose to appear in these ways?

- How did the people of Israel respond in Exodus 13:10-12 when Pharaoh brought the power of his armies against them? Did God make a mistake when he led the poeple of Israel to a dead end in the desert? How do you think you would have felt if God had led you to a place where there was no hope?

- What part did God's people play in their rescue? Did they have to fight, or build boats or a bridge? What part do we play in our own rescue from God's just wrath? Do we need to keep from sinning or do good works to be saved?

- Exodus 14:30-31 descibes the conclusion of this conflict. How did the Children of Israel go from believing in the power of Pharaoh and fearing him to believing in the power of God and fearing him? Are you trusting God in the same way?

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